Shinnecock Hills
1Chris Snyder and Joe Young445.55.54.5629.5
2Jim Ferrera and Bob O'Brien43.53.576.54.529
3Dan Solien and Tom Solien55.5544.54.528.5
4Chris Newman and John Conti53.543.55.5526.5
5Richard Spillane and Bruce Shutts55.54.552.5325.5
6Peter Solien and TL Solien454.523.5423

Cherry Hills
1Chris Lebherz and Brian Ray74.
2John Lynch III and Mike Lepp64.54.54.57430.5
3Michael Cahoon and Kevin Cahoon3.
4Steve Anderson and Matt Anderson5.54.5542.55.527
5Billy Kasper and Bill Kasper252.5525.522
6Joe Onstott and Cullen Onstott3442.543.521

1Bruce MacRae and Todd Hagenburg655.565.54.532.5
2Brian Walsh and Kevin Walsh5.5574.53.54.530
2John Clark and Malcolm Sweeney53.53.54.576.530
4Robert Ernst and Peter Cavallo44434.5726.5
5John Salvatore and Michael Drew35.5254.52.522.5
6Richard Rossello and Frank McGill3.54542220.5

1Bill Macaluso and John Fasciano5.535.
2John Maguire and Jim Possinger3.54.56564.529.5
3Nick Coskren and Tony Coskren5.56354.54.528.5
4David Nolan and Richard Cremmen5.54.543.54.54.526.5
5Bob Clark and John Kelly3.563.5433.523.5
6Brian Kenney and Kevin Schiller3.53541.55.522.5

Myopia Hunt
1Kevin Nolan Jr. and Joe Clair55.
2Chris Carney and Michael Smith363.56.55.5731.5
3John Butterworth and John Ferguson435.563.55.527.5
4Bill Bearce III and James Farragher Jr.5.565.
5Kevin Bannan and Brian Setian63.53.534.54.525
6James Durocher and Peter Mierzwa3.533.

1Jack Connolly and Bob Giardino2.55.545.55628.5
2Hank Newman III and Ron Blanchard6.
2Ray Carvey and John Carvey5.
4Tim Marken and Jim Duggan53.554.53.55.527
5Ed Kelleher and Phil Jackson3.55.54.554426.5
6Gus Allen and Dan Walenty43.55.544.53.525

1Bryan Anderson and J R McDonald56464.56.532
2PJ Tierney Jr and Dan Pimental65.55345.529
3John Gagnon and Mark McDermott43.57.5453.527.5
4Michael Doyle and Phillip Burgess3.5346.545.526.5
4Peter N. Starosta and Paul Hennessy5.53.55552.526.5
6Tom Whitney and Bill Senter35.

1Kevin O'Brien and Philip Toaldo574.
2Lee Enos and Robert McLaughlin454.53.574.528.5
3Joe Lind and Brian Denn63.54.562.53.526
3Don Devaney and John White45.553.52626
3Blackie Murray and Rocky LaRocca544.5345.526
6Peter Annicelli and Mike Bacon3245.55322.5

The Country Club
1George Kahler and Rick Dower56554.5631.5
2Robert O'Leary and Dan Eldridge455.544.5629
3Ken Duane and Geno Chiavelli6.5444.55327
4Wes Gregory III and Will Clark2.54.53.546626.5
5Brooks Bartlett and Al Howard44.55.554326
6Richard Bonzagni and Brett Olsen533.54.53322

Winged Foot
1John Burton and Jerry Faherty4.5554.56.5732.5
2Andy Bear and Steve Silver6454.55.5631
3Tim Doonan and Brendan Greene5.5545.54.5327.5
3Mike O'Brien and David Szady4.
5Kerry Geraghty and Dan Hayes342.55.54.5524.5
6Jack Moakley and Vincent Cutrona3.51.543.52.5419