~ The 2019 Ringer ~

The event started on Friday with 110 supporting this year event.  In between their shots their eyes would look up, wondering if and when the rain would show up.  The players started their round, and hole-by-hole the day proved to be nothing short of a perfect day for golf with weather that only bred great scores.  The players on one hand were happy that Friday turned out to be so nice, but on the other hand were surprised with followed Saturday.  It was a cold second round with many having to pile on layers to stay warm.  Although the weather did not seem to affect the Stallion Duo of Dan Angus and Bill Clifford exploding around the track shaving 10-shots off their 1st day “59” for a record setting “49”!  They must have watched Sea Biscuit accompanied with a glass of milk Friday evening.  Congratulations to all the winners and a special thank you to the staff for all their hard work.


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